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Low prices!
We offer reliable shells at low prices! Why pay more when you can get the same quality for cheaper?
No Contracts! 7 day Guarantee!
There are NO contracts! You have 7 days to evaluate our service and recieve a full refund!.

2 background Processes
FTP/SSH/crontab access
only $2.50 per month!

4 background processes
FTP/SSH/crontab access
only $4 per month!

512 user IRCD
3 background processs
Only $5 per month!


Eggdrop/BNC Shells
- packages are now starting at $2.50

IRCD Plans: New pricing! 512 user ircd for only $5 monthly!

Eggdrop Shells: Prices as low as $1 per process!

We appreciate all customer comments and concerns.
We will respond to every email on a daily basis to continue our customer oriented goals to achieve the best practices around.
Custom shell packages!
Ispeeds now offers custom installations to their customers for a very reasonable fee. Please email us if you have any specific needs.

Welcome to, your leading DDoS protected ISP!

Originally established in 2001, ispeeds is a company committed to providing unix accounts, focusing on high quality, secure and protected IRC shell accounts. Our unix accounts are 100% private and secure. Your identity and IP address is kept 100% private.

Our network consists of 5 secure servers, each being in a different datacenter. Our servers are fully DDoS protected, and are on multiple carriers, guaranteeing low latency.

We use FreeBSD Operating System. Our servers are firewalled at the GIGE level, ensuring malicious packets are dropped before reaching the servers.
We are always availble to answer your questions or inquiries.

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